Do Odorless Socks Work? I Wore a Pair to Find Out

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    Day 1: Monday, September 25, 2017


    9:31 a.m.: I arrive at the office and put on a pair of the ankle-cut odorless socks. It’s unseasonably hot outside for the first week of fall, but I’ve prematurely broken my leather boots back out for the week in order to give these socks a true test run. I walk over to the office kitchen to put my lunch in the fridge and check out our cold brew situation — the keg is usually full on summer Mondays. 108 Steps

    9:34 a.m.: Apparently cold brew Mondays end promptly with the conclusion of summer, even though it’s supposed to be 86 degrees today. I head downstairs to the closest Starbucks — it’s surprisingly un-crowded, considering that it’s in the center of Times Square. 258 Steps; Temperature: 76 degrees

    9:49 a.m.: I go about the rest of my work day as usual — these socks are a little bit squeaky in my boots! Is that audible to my colleagues? Unsure. My day includes a couple of kitchen, bathroom and printer runs, and two meetings. 755 Steps

    5:24 p.m.: I leave work and headMORE

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    Day 2: Tuesday, September 26, 2017


    8:35 a.m.: I approach the socks. I feel pretty gross about it, but it’s all mental — they look, feel and smell pretty much like clean socks. I put my boots on over them, and forget they exist.

    8:49 a.m.: I set off on my commute to work. Its 71 degrees outside, but one million degrees in the 2nd Ave. Subway station. I make it to my desk at 9:37 after a quick stop in Whole Foods for some salt and pepper grinders — the office kitchen is always stocked with hard boiled eggs, but never with the salt and pepper necessary to consume them. But now I will never have that problem again. 2476 Steps 

    9:41 a.m.: I head to the kitchen to grab my eggs and coffee. During the rest of my day, I walk to two meetings, back to the kitchen three times for lunch and snacks, and to the bathroom a normal amount of times. 1012 Steps

    6:01 p.m.: Time to pack it up and head out. I walk downtown to meet my husband on 38th street, and then we continue on our commute home from Herald Square. We get off the Subway aMORE

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    Day 3: Wednesday, September 27, 2017


    8:58 a.m.: This is really happening. I’m leaving my house for work, and I’m wearing the same pair of socks for the third day in a row. The saving grace? They seem to have regenerated themselves overnight — the slight stink observed at the end of day two seems to have dissipated. I’m not complaining. I stop for an iced coffee on my way to the Subway. 2155 Steps

    9:37 a.m: I’m at my desk — my work day has officially begun. It’s a light meeting day, which means plenty of room to dig into built up backlogues — and plenty of time to sit at my desk without stretching my legs. I brought lunch, and have no reason to leave the office until I’m done for the day. 976 Steps

    6:20 p.m.: Although things were pretty fresh scented this morning, my confidence in this experiment is beginning to waver. I second guess every odd whiff in the office — but there is literally no way for me to give my feet a sniff at my desk without looking like a real weirdo. I’m relieved when it’sMORE

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    Day 4: Thursday, September 28th, 2017

    8:42 a.m.: The socks are on. I set off on my commute and make a stop for my iced coffee. It’s 74 degrees, but for the fourth day in a row, I’m wearing my black leather boots. My colleagues are probably beginning to think these are my only shoes. (I know that’s not true, they’ve likely barely noticed.) I hate transition seasons. 2,200 Steps

    12:26 p.m.: I have no meetings today, so I haven’t gotten up much since I got to my desk at 9:20 a.m. I ran out of leftovers so I have to go out for lunch — my favorite healthy lunch spot is only a little ways down the block, but I have to cross Times Square to get there. Nightmare. I eat outside with a friend — we managed to snag a sunny table with no Elmos in sight. 1116 Steps

    5:40 p.m.: I leave work to head to the gym, but make a pit stop at Crate and Barrel on Broadway and Houston to pick up an order I made online. I saved $6 by not having it shipped, but now I have to drag it to the gym and grocery store on my way home. WorthMORE

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    Day 5: Friday, September 29th, 2017


    9:17 a.m.: There were moments when I really didn’t think I’d get this far, but here we are, on the last day of my experiment. I leave for work with the socks on underneath my slip-on Vans. 2142 Steps; Temperature: 60 degrees

    9:55 a.m.: I’m at my desk for the day, and even though summer Fridays in the office are officially over for the year, I’m still almost the only one here. Are people avoiding my presence because of some odor that I’ve become so accustomed to that I can no longer sense? Likely not, but I do think that things are starting to get a little sketchy down at the bottom of my lowest extremities. My day includes minimal movement, aside from a quick jaunt to grab lunch down the block. 1326 Steps

    3:44 p.m.: I’m pretty sure that the combo of five-day-old socks and slip-on sneakers that I typically wear without socks is finally culminating in a ripe situation. Or maybe my socks know it’s their last day on the job and they’re knocking off early? Either way, I cannot wait to take these socks off for the final time.

    I leave work early and run to Penn Station to head out to Long Island for the weekend — if my socks do smell at this point, this Long Island Rail Road train is certainly a safe space. 793 Steps

    5:16 p.m.: I change trains at Babylon Station. We’re in the home stretch. 172 Steps

    5:39 p.m.: I’ve reached my destination and my socks are off. They stink, as do my feet and my shoes. 149 Steps

    Day Five Sock Stink Factor: 6 out of 10

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